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Kappa Delta Rho • Chapter Positions
Kappa Delta Rho - Honor Super Omnia
Kappa Delta Rho
Eta Chapter

Student Organization at
At Champaign Urbana

Chapter Positions

Last updated April 12, 2009
Consul: The Consul is the acting president of the fraternity. He is responsible for communicating with the University, the Alumni, the National Fraternity and the Chapter as a whole. He leads and decides the direction of the chapter.

Senior Tribune: The Senior Tribune acts as the first vice-president of the Chapter. He manages the internal affairs of the fraternity and is in charge of the officers.

Junior Tribune: The J-Trib is the second vice-president and serves as the new member educator of the chapter. He is responsible for familiarizing pledges with the culture of Kappa Delta Rho and is concerned for their academic, social, and personal well-being.

Rush Chairs: Rush Chairs are in charge of organizing and planning events for the Spring and Fall rush periods. The are the chairmen of the bid committee, which holds final power over who receives an invitation to join the Fraternity.

Custodian: The Custodian, or House Manager, is in charge of the upkeep of the Chapter house. He communicates with alumni and Greek housing to ensure the Chapter is a presentable and safe living space.

Quaestor: The Chapter's treasurer is tasked with the financials of the Chapter. As the head of the financial committee, he reviews and sets the budgets of the officers. He is in charge of the checking and savings accounts.

Aedile: The risk manager of the house is familiar with University, National, and FIPG (Insurance) rules. The liabilities of the fraternity fall under his charge. Parties are planned and supervised by his risk committee.

Social Chair: The social chair is responsible for the social calendar of the Chapter. He plans exchanges, happy hours, special member-only events, and formal.

Praetor: The secretary of the fraternity keeps all documents of the fraternity. Minutes and attendance are taken at events and made available to the National Organization.